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A Page from My Sketchbook: View from the Back Deck

Today has been gorgeous…warm sunshine, a soft breeze. I spent most of the afternoon cleaning out my closet, sorting clothes into piles for consignment and good will. Relaxing on the deck with my watercolors and sketchbook seemed like the perfect way to wrap up the day.

One of my goals for the summer is to work in my sketchbook daily. As a teacher, I am always trying to get my students to develop a sketchbook habit. As a designer, it’s incredibly important to be able to document your environment as well as make ideas in your head come to life on the page.

Watercolor Sketchbook Page

In my sketchbook, I am not so concerned with my drawings being perfect. I am just trying to have fun and enjoy the process of making art, much like I did in grade school before art became less about the process and more about getting it right.

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