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About Jillian

Des Moines Interior Designer Jillian Lare

Welcome to my personal website and blog. I started this site in 2009 when I moved to central Iowa from northeastern Pennsylvania, where I grew up in a small town along the Susquehanna river between Scranton and Wilkes-Barre. I spent my entire childhood and teenage years drawing, painting, and studying art only to major in engineering. After graduating from Lehigh University, I moved to the West Coast for several years before returning back to PA.

Although I was and am incredibly grateful for my college education and early career working for a Fortune 100 company, it never resonated. I constantly felt like an imposter waiting for my real life to start. I missed art and being creative on a deep level. When I first stumbled into interior design in 2004, it felt like the perfect blend of my artistic sensibility and left brain capabilities.

Over the last fifteen years, I completed a Masters in Interior Design, designing and selling jewelry as a side hustle, taught interior design as a college lecturer for five years, and started my own interior design firm. In 2021, my friend Alicia and I launched our joint venture Morris Lare. If you found your way here looking for interior design services or articles, please visit us there.

This space will continue as my journal of my personal creative pursuits and projects which include painting and sketching, reading, fashion, self-improvement, travel, and parenting a rambunctious pre-schooler in my 40s.

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