I love this time of year because I never get tired of photographing our beautiful Iowa landscape and the plethora of colorful perennials that are in bloom throughout the summer. Yesterday, we were fortunate to have an afternoon thunderstorm that left us with a hazy sky and all of the flowers dripping in shimmering rain drops. Whenever I’m looking for inspiration for decorating, graphics, jewelry or fashion, I try to start by searching in Mother Nature…she never steers me wrong.

Pink Day Lilies

Red and yellow Day Lilies



Orange Day Lilies

Knockout Roses

Knockout Roses



The Knockout Roses are my favorite summer flower, because their lush pinky-red hue is so bright and in your face. You can’t help but stop and notice them. I also love the Day Lilies and Cone Flowers for their variety of colors, from pink to red to orange to yellow. Do you have a favorite summer bloom? Could you use it to inspire another area of your life by painting a room in a vivid shade or wearing a brightly colored scarf?

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5 thoughts on “After the Rain…

  1. Thank you, Leanne!

  2. So lush! I can hardly believe it’s Iowa and not a tropical island. Beautiful photography Jillian!

    1. Thank you so much, Alicia!

  3. Gorgeous photographs!

    1. Thank you, Leanne!

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