Draw a 3D House Model in SketchUp from a Floor Plan

In this blog post, I will walk you through how you can to draw a 3D house model in SketchUp from a 2D floor plan image. You can use a PDF version of a floor plan or a sketch you created of the field dimensions. I will be using the same floor plan

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How to Draw a Floor Plan to Scale in SketchUp from a PDF

In my everyday experience, I usually start drafting a floor plan in SketchUp one of two ways. Either I start from scratch using measurements I’ve taken at the home, usually in combination with a basic floor plan that I drew from the assessor’s site, or I work from a PDF floor

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Draw a Floor Plan in SketchUp from Field Measurements

In this tutorial, I will explain how to draw a floor plan in SketchUp accurately and to scale from measurements taken on site of an existing space. I will demonstrate the technique I use with measurements I took of the floor plan from my own house. In the last two

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How to Draw a 2D SketchUP Floor Plan from an Image

In this beginner tutorial, we will learn step-by-step how to create a basic 2D SketchUp floor plan from image files such as the ones found on most property assessor websites. Before I visit a client’s home to take measurements, I always visit the assessor’s webpage for their property. Here in

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Welcome to Design Student Savvy! I started this site because I wanted to share all of the technical knowledge I’ve accumulated with other interior designers and design students. I started using my first home design software on our old Dell PS2 when I was in seventh grade. My dad bought

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Welcome! I’m a Des Moines based interior designer, boy mom to one, avid reader and always aspiring artist. I started this blog when I moved to Iowa in 2008. Currently, I write about life in Iowa, personal development, and my creative journey.

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