Dining Room Progress

We moved into this house and March, and the dining room has been our last big project. We added the wood floors – along with the living room and hallway – right away, and Keegan ripped out some shelves around the sliding door. But, then we didn’t do anything to

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Porch Decor Inspiration on Pinterest

Pinterest via Senseless Sophistication One project that we’re planning to tackle in the near future is the hideous three season room which occupies one corner of our house. It was definitely an after-thought, and a very misguided one at that, added on some point after the house was built. Since

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A New Planter for My Collection & a New Favorite Shop

A while ago, I mentioned that I was starting a collection of vintage pottery. Yesterday, I was at Porch Light Antiques in the East Village. It is a beautiful store, filled with so much inspiration and wonderful things to purchase. Some of my favorites there are the selection of great

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Pretty Perfect

Decor8 is one of my favorite blogs not only for the pretty pictures but because Holly is such a genuinely kind and thoughtful person who always has some words of wisdom to share that really resonate with me. Such was the case with her post Homes with Heart from Monday.

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House Progress: the Bedrooms

We’re slowly but surely making good progress on the house, so that we can move in by the end of this month – I hope. During the first week, we painted all of the bedrooms, and I finally finished touching them up on Friday. The back bedroom, which was in

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More House Inspiration via Flickr

I’ve been spending the evening perusing some of my favorite Flickr groups for more house inspiration. All of the photos are linked to their source. Love the soft aqua walls with white and pops of yellow. Soft neutrals with black and white in the kitchen There’s so much to like about

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Home Inspiration from My Pinterest

Happy Martin Luther King Day! We don’t have class today, which is awesome because we got a little snow with more ice and freezing rain predicted for this afternoon. I would much prefer to stay inside being cozy, reading my favorite blogs, and sipping a cup of hot coffee than

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