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Creating an Art Wall Behind the Sofa

Last Spring, I wrote about how our friend Mike painted a wonderful painting for us as a wedding gift, and we hung it over our fireplace. Since then, I’ve been trying to bring more of the colors in the painting into the living room and making tweaks here and there. After switching out the rug and buying some new throw pillows, I’m turning my attention to the art over the sofa.

When we first moved in, we purchased some concert posters and stuck them in some super cheap frames from Hobby Lobby, hung them up to fill the space, and forgot about them. They were fine before, but their color palette doesn’t really work anymore. I’d like to create an art wall with a combination of prints and photographs that pull the color palette from the painting over to the other side of the room to create more balance in the space.

I’m working with a color palette of yellow-greens, blues ranging from indigo to cobalt to turquoise, purples and paler yellows. I also want to bring in some rosier pinks-purples to keep it from feeling too cool. I’ve experimented with this before by buying some deep pink orchids at Trader Joe’s and putting them on the mantel, and I really like the mix.

I started shopping for artwork online at in Minted’s Art Marketplace. I really love how I can try out the artwork in different frame styles and even see what the frame looks like if I change the size of the print. I think it’s really important to understand how the scale of the frame looks with the art.

I was especially drawn to the French farmhouse style frames in both natural and white washed, as well as the white washed herringbone frame. I think a combination of these three frames would be beautiful. I had a difficult time narrowing down my favorite prints, but these are some of my top picks. I am a huge fan of all Emily Jeffords’ work and would love to purchase a large landscape oriented print to hang over our bed as well.

My Favorite Picks from the Minted Art Marketplace

  1. Desert and Mountains by Katherine Moynagh
  2. Warm Rain by Laura Bolter Design
  3. Arm in Arm by Jennifer Bailey
  4. London Skyline by Kelsey McNatt
  5. Lunar Eclipse by Amber Barkley
  6. Subway by Lindsay Megahed
  7. Prettier in Pink by Emily Jeffords

I also noticed that Minted started carrying fabrics, which are available in a cotton weight ($32/yard) and a linen blend ($34/yard). While not inexpensive, they carry some unique designs, and one yard is more than enough to make a couple of throw pillow covers.

This post was sponsored by but all of the opinions are my own.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.