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Design Services Overview

In July of 2021, Jillian Lare Interior Design evolved into Morris Lare, a full-service interior design firm located in the Des Moines, Iowa, metro area. Jillian Lare and Alicia Held-Morris are the owners and principle designers. The Morris Lare website will launch in late 2021. The process below and services remain the same. 

Step 1 – the Discovery Call

Every new client relationship begins with our Discovery Call. The goal of this call is to understand your unique design needs and make a recommendation on the best way to move forward.

Step 2 – The Consultation

We offer different consultations based on the type of help you need – new construction, remodeling, decorating, or just a little advice.

Step 3 – The Proposal

After the consultation, we send you a written proposal outlining the scope of work for your project including our design fees and your level of investment for the project.

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Our Design Process

Jillian Lare Interior Design is a full-service interior design firm. We design complete rooms from start to finish – space planning through accessorizing and styling. Each individual project has a unique set of requirements, but we follow the same process every time, which allows us to deliver our clients the best results and experience.

Phase 1: Discovery

The goal of the Discovery phase is to develop a game plan for the project and determine the investment level required for both construction as well as furnishings and decor.

Discovery is a stand-alone phase available for a flat fee amount based on the scope identified during the Initial Consultation.

Measure & document the existing conditions of the spaces under consideration.

Translate field measurements into as-built CAD drawings, dimensioned & to scale.

Develop conceptual space plans for the re-configured space (renovation, furnishing, or both).

Meet with general contractor & speciality trades to quote the labor investment for the project.

Incorporate both client & contractor feedback to develop the final conceptual space plan.

Create a complete budget for the project including finishes, fixtures, furnishings, lighting, and everything required to complete the design.

Outline a detailed scope of work to capture all requirements not visible in the space plan.


Phase 2: Conceptual Design

During Conceptual Design, we establish the aesthetic direction for the project and hone in on the investment level required to meet the client’s goals based on their desired level of quality and finish.

Conduct an in-depth inspiration review meeting via Zoom to discuss & hone in on the client’s aesthetic preference by analyzing inspiration photos they (& we) provide.

Develop conceptual mood boards that illustrate the overall feeling for the design.

Create sketches for key elevations or views of each space to illustrate options such as a fireplace wall or cabinetry design.

Source initial furnishings, finishes, fabrics, & other design elements.

Meeting (in-person) for client to respond to the mood boards & initial selections.

Revise mood boards & overall palette and direction for the project, creating a final aesthetic direction for each space.

Phase 3: Design Development

As we move into Design Development, the vision for the space really comes to life in great detail. Conceptual Design is all about the big picture, while Design Development gets deep into the nitty gritty of the space and how we will execute on the vision.

Prepare detailed design drawings for cabinetry, furniture layouts, electrical plans, key elevations, & other details as required.

Finalize selections for all furnishings, lighting, finishes, materials, & other design elements.

Present the final design plan to the client including drawings.

Incorporate client feedback to arrive at the final design plan. We include one set of revisions into all of our proposals.

Prepare purchasing proposals for all items to be supplied by us for the project.

Create a detailed specifications book for the contractor and trades available as a PDF document & printed to be kept on site.


Phase 4: Implementation

Let us take care of all the tedious ordering, delivery coordination, and details while you sit back and relax. Whether you’re a busy professional or stay-at-home mom with a hectic schedule, your time is too valuable to sit around waiting for delivery trucks that never show up. When you hire us, we take over all of the pricing, ordering, delivery, & installation, right down to the felt pads under the furniture legs & the artwork on the walls.

Submit purchase orders for all items required for the project being purchased through JLID.

Monitor status of all orders, making re-selections as needed.

Resolving issues related to manufacturing defects, shipping damage, & anything else that arises.

Updating client regularly on the status of items – estimated shipping dates, receiving, targeted dates for delivery, etc.

Coordinating receiving and delivery with our warehouse.

Meeting with the client to determine a styling direction for art & accessories.

Shopping for & ordering art & accessories.

Managing installation of each piece from start to finish for the big reveal and wow moment!

Design Oversight for Construction

For all full-service projects, we provide design oversight of the construction process. We are not general contractors. Our role during construction – whether it is new construction or renovation – is to ensure the design intention we have established and documented with our clients is implemented by the contractor and trades as intended.

We bill hourly for this service with a minimum number of hours required.

Participating as a member of the project team, working together with the client & contractor to ensure the project stays on time and on budget as much as possible.

Milestone meetings on site (or via Face Time) agreed upon in advance with client and contractor.

Site walk-throughs on a weekly basis.

Phone calls, emails, and other correspondence with the general contractor, trades, and vendors as required to maintain a consistent flow for the project.

Troubleshooting issues that arise during construction (because they will!).

Advocating on behalf of the client on quality issues as related to design, construction, & materials.

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