Kitchen and Bath Design

Kitchen and bathroom design has been my specialty for the past decade. I provide design services for kitchen and bathroom remodels and new construction projects, which includes everything required to create a completely designed space. A kitchen or bathroom design project involves the following:

Measuring and documenting existing conditions;

Space planning;

Concept development;

Material selections;

Fixture and finish specifications;

Custom cabinetry design;

Coordination of vendors and contractors

Lighting design and fixture selection;

Ongoing support through the construction phase;

Furniture, decor, accessories, and window treatments.

I offer full-service interior design services to clients residing in the great Des Moines Metro and Central Iowa. In addition, I can provide drawings, cabinetry design, and finish selections for clients anywhere in the US and Canada. In the past year, I have designed projects in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Vancouver, Canada.

I also have extensive experience designing IKEA kitchens and can provide specialized support for IKEA projects, including input of the plan into the IKEA system. You can read more about my tips for designing an IKEA kitchen in this post.

How I Work

Every project kicks off with an initial consultation for a $250 fee (plus tax). At that meeting, we will get to know each other and discuss the scope of the project. I will gather as much information as possible, and provide advice on planning and budgeting for the project.

Following the consultation, I’ll send you a customized proposal for my services that will outline the scope involved in the project. I break the project down into phases and estimate the number of hours involved in each phase.

I provide flexibility in the services. Clients may choose for me to be involved in the design process from start to finish (full-service design). Or, they may only want a plan or help with selecting colors and finishes. We will determine the scope and how we will work together during that initial consultation meeting.

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