One Room Jumpstart Package

The One Room Jumpstart package was designed for clients who have a room in their home that needs a fresh look and fast! It can be used to fast-track a kitchen or bath remodel or to redecorate a living room, bedroom, dining room or other space in your home with new furniture, paint, window treatments, lighting, and accessories.

Step 1 – Questionnaire and Phone Call

Time Commitment: One hour – 30 minutes for the questionnaire, and 30 minutes for the call

After you purchase the One Room Jumpstart, we will start the process by emailing you a detailed questionnaire. After you complete the questionnaire, we will set a time for an initial phone call so we can review your answers. During that call, we will schedule our prework appointment.

Step 2 – Pre-Work Appointment

Time Commitment: One hour

We will visit your home to measure and photograph the makeover space. We will also meet with you to review any pieces that need to be incorporated into the new design and answer any questions you have about the shopping day.

Step 3 – Shopping Day

Time Commitment: Up to four hours

On the shopping day, we will meet you at your home to review the floor plan we created for your room along with the list of items that are needed. If you are planning to paint the room, we will select one or two options for the wall paint color. We will present a suggested budget and recommendations on where we should go shopping, given the amount you are prepared to invest in your space.

Using our item list and floor plan as our guides, we will shop with you for the items necessary to complete your room. For a decorating project, we may be sourcing furniture, lamps, art, a rug, and accessories. For a kitchen or bath remodel, we may look for cabinets, tile, countertops, and plumbing fixtures.

Step 4 – Follow-Up

Within three business days of our shopping day, we will send you a follow-up email with a list of all the items we selected, an updated floor plan that shows where each item is located on the plan, links to any additional items that should be purchased online, and relevant notes. We will also answer any questions that you have, in either one phone call or one email, within a week of the follow-up delivery.

One Room Jumpstart Package

What’s included…

30-minute Phone Call
60-minute Pre-Work Consultation
A Scale Floor Plan of Your Room
A Suggested Budget
Up to Two Paint Color Options
Up to Four Hours of Shopping Time at Local Showrooms
A Revised Floor Plan with Items Selected
An Updated Budget
Links to Pieces to Be Purchased Online
A Follow-Up Email or Call to Answer Any Questions

Locations Available: Within Twenty Miles of West Des Moines

Investment Amount: $1497


Cancelation Policy

The One Room Jumpstart Package must be paid for in full at time of booking to reserve your shopping day. You may cancel the package with a full refund within 48 hours of the pre-work appointment. After the pre-work appointment has occurred, the package investment is non-refundable.