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Etsy Finds and Favorites – August Edition

Over the last year, I’ve had a particular desire to get rid of all our stuff and replace it with only what we really need. I’ve already purged my closet and significantly reduced my book collection and have plans for the kitchen and basement next. But, while I find the idea of minimalism interesting, I don’t necessarily subscribe. I like stuff, but I’ve realized I’d rather have less but better. And, I’d prefer that the things I need be beautiful as well as functional.

In that spirit, I’ve selected a few of my recent Etsy favorites, all of which serve a purpose and look great doing it.

Etsy Finds and Favorites


Little pouches are a life saver for organizing larger bags. I have at least a couple that I use to switch purses quickly and easily. This pretty pouch comes in a variety of colors, but I really like the copper.

Etsy Finds and Favorites


A marbled black and white bowl is perfect for catching keys and loose change in an entryway but would work equally well in the kitchen as intended or sitting on top of a stack of books.

Etsy Finds and Favorites


It’s nearly impossible to find a good looking dog bed…kind of like tissue boxes. I love this graphic geometric print version and may order one for Booker and Eddie when the XL is back in stock.

Etsy Finds and Favorites

Katy Skelton

The combination of concrete and brass pairs beautifully in this little end table, and the price is very reasonable at $350 with free shipping.

Etsy Finds and Favorites


There are so many uses for little boxes from organizing toiletries to storing precious keepsakes. I love this mixed media version with the walnut lid adding warmth to the black and white marbled concrete.

Have you found any new favorite shops or items on Etsy lately? If so, please share! I’ve been ordering from Etsy makers more frequently this summer after a long hiatus and find it so much more satisfying than shopping at the big brand names.

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