Etsy Favorites - Ceramic Bangle Bracele

Etsy Favorites – July Edition

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Since it’s a brand new month, I thought it was a good time for another round up of my Etsy favorites. I don’t know about you, but I feel like it’s impossible to find anything good on Etsy these days. Why did they take away the old front page? The recommendations in my favorites are just different versions of the same thing over and over. Yes, Etsy, I like mud cloth pillows and brass light fixtures. Show me something I haven’t seen!

That being said, the discovery of these items was completely serendipitous…

I came oh so close to using these lucite and brass robe hooks in my master bathroom remodel last summer. Unfortunately, I needed them yesterday, and while the shop was incredibly accommodating, the expedited shipping drove the price higher than I wanted to pay for a simple robe hook. I still love them and want to use them somewhere. Maybe for a lucky client?

Etsy Favorites - Lucite and Brass Robe Hook

Lucite and Brass Robe Hook

I’ve been trying to subscribe to the principle that the items we use every day should be functional and beautiful. I definitely need to throw out our $.99 cent bottle opener from the grocery store and pick up one of these pretty brass ones instead.

Etsy Favorites - Geometric Brass Bottle Opener

I first spotted this oversized agate print on the HomePolish blog and immediately thought how perfect it would be for over my sofa. It’s available in several sizes. Even better, you can order it framed in black or white.

Etsy Favorites - Agate Slice Print

Blue Agate Slice Print

These white stoneware and copper glazed bangle bracelets are perfect for summer. Also available in blue, you can collect the whole set or select a single favorite.

Etsy Favorites - Ceramic Bangle Bracele

White Stoneware Arrow Bangle

I discovered these great patent prints while searching for artwork for my client’s son’s room. The price for the set of four is incredible, and the shop features patent prints of just about anything you can think of. These would make a great gift for the impossible-to-buy-for guy in your life.

Etsy Favorites - Patent Print Sets

What do you think of Etsy these days? I keep hoping someone is going to come up with a new site that curates really great artisan and handmade items and artwork without all of the clutter while making it easy for the artists to sell and make a living.

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