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Etsy Finds and Favorites

I used to be an avid Etsy shopper back when I had my own jewelry shop on the site, and I used to post pretty frequently about my favorite items. A few years ago, I closed my jewelry business and stepped away from all things Etsy for a little while. When I tried to go back, I found it incredibly difficult to find anything I liked in the millions of listings, and so I gave up. But, recently, I’ve wandered back to Etsy again and I’ve been able to discover new items and sellers that I love, so I’m reviving my Etsy Finds and Favorites posts, which I’m hoping to publish on a regular basis.

Today I’ve rounded up some great items that are perfect for the warm weather months and anyone who likes a little bit of Boho style in their life.

Etsy Finds - Nature Photography, Large Print of Palm Trees

Palm Tree Photo Print

Etsy Finds - Large Black and White Chevron Planter

Black and  White Chevron Planter

Etsy Finds - Pom Pom Seagrass Belly Basket

Pom-Pom Seagrass Basket

Etsy Finds - Copper and Cement Plant Stand

Copper & Cement Planter

Etsy Finds - Vintage Batik Hmong Pillow Cover

Vintage Batik Hmong Pillow Cover

Etsy Finds - Banana Leaf Art Print

Banana Leaf Art Print

Etsy Finds - Marble Copper Table Light

Marble & Copper Table Light

Emerald cut Clear Quartz and Turquoise sterling silver and gold vintage style ring

Clear Quartz & Turquoise Ring

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