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Go Boho with Pottery Barn


The mailman dropped off my new Pottery Barn catalog this afternoon. Usually, I just chuck it right in the recycling bin because I feel like it’s the same thing over and over every month. For whatever reason, I decided to flip through it and was pleasantly surprised by some of their new designs. They’ve diverged from their typical casual traditional look and are veering more into the realm of eclectic Bohemian style. Plus, they’re partnering with artisans and designers, similar to sister company West Elm, to create unique collections that are adding some much-needed depth and variety to their line.

This swagged wood bead chandelier is indoor/outdoor rated. It would be so pretty in a breakfast nook or a smaller dining room over a round table.


Amelia Chandelier

I love the soft patterns and washed out colors in their Shibori pillows. They’re so easy to mix and match with solid textured pillows as well as other patterned pillows. Shibori is a Japanese resist-dyeing technique similar to tie-dyeing. But, these pillows are a grown-up sophisticated version of tie-dye vs. psychedelic don’t worry-be happy tie dye.


Shibori Pillows 1, 2, 3, 4

When I think of Boho, I tend to think of a mix of bright colors, but you can get bohemian style even if you prefer neutrals. It’s all about texture and pattern.

This gray and white Otomi quilt is a fun way to bring in pattern without committing to a lot of color.


Otomi Quilt

More Shibori. I think this quilt, which is available in both indigo blue and gray, would be perfect in a teenager’s bedroom.


Shibori Quilt

If you do like a little more color in your decor, then the new pillow and bedding line from quilt artist Pauline Boyd would be a great way to mix it up in both the living room and bedroom. Each quilt is reversible to an equally beautiful coordinating pattern. I think the key to incorporating pieces like these are to keep the larger elements in the room neutral to keep it from feeling crazy.


Pauline Boyd Collection

What do you think about the direction Pottery Barn has been taking lately? Do you like it or wish they would stick to their typical traditional aesthetic?

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