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Hanging Planter Roundup

Hanging Planter Roundup

Since moving into our house five years ago, I’ve become a little bit of a plant lady.  I started collecting vintage planters, so I needed plants to put in them. Then I wanted a fiddle leaf fig, which now commands an entire corner of our living room (it’s huge!). The plants started outgrowing their planters, so I transplanted them and repotted the smaller plants with new plants. Now I have quite the collection, but I don’t have a hanging planter anywhere in the house. With all of these great options out there, I think it’s about time to expand my indoor garden to the ceiling.

  1. Structured Hanging Planter
  2. Macrame Flower Pot Holder
  3. Hanging Planter with Light Blue Thread
  4. Large Copper Planter
  5. Cove Hanging Planter
  6. Crystal Cut Hanging Planter
  7. Small Concrete Planter
  8. Jungalow Hanging Planter
  9. Magical Thinking Crescent Hanging Planter

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