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What I’m Into – January 2018

What I’m Into – January 2018

frosty winter branches with green leaves

There are definitely pros and cons to having a new baby during the coldest months of the year. Two of the pros are rarely needing to leave the house and wearing pajamas or leggings 24/7. I have found that my favorite time of day is in the very early morning after the baby’s last “night-time” feeding. I keep the living room dark, except for the fire flickering in the fireplace, and catch up on work, journal, read, or simply scroll my Instagram feed while sipping coffee…lots and lots of coffee. Here’s what’s kept me going during the first month of 2018.

What I’m Into – January 2018 Edition

Speaking of coffee, New Mexico Piñon Coffee is my new favorite variety, particular the Trader Joe’s version. It’s very mild and slightly sweet with a nutty flavor.

We spent the early part of the month – and some of December – watching an episode of Last Tango in Halifax on Netflix every evening before I went to bed. I’m a big Sarah Lancashire fan from Happy Valley (also a must watch) and loved this somewhat more light-hearted series. It has its dark moments but offsets them with its dry British humor, which I happen to enjoy more than the American variety of slapstick comedy.

Lack of sleep has my attention span at an all-time low, so reading long meaty novels and thought-provoking non-fiction hasn’t been working out too well. But, in those few minutes when I have turned to a book, I’ve been enjoying Brendan Burchard’s High-Performance Habits.

More so than reading, I’ve been listing to podcasts in the car, on the treadmill, and after my showers. The Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher has been a favorite of mine since its inception. I love Jenna’s combination of vulnerability, business acumen, creative spirit, and generosity. It’s perfect for women – and some men – who are looking to improve their businesses in an authentic and intentional way.

I am in that awkward and frustrating post-pregnancy stage where neither my maternity clothes nor my regular clothes fit. And, the pre-pregnancy clothes that do fit just look weird. Why does no one talk about this more? I’ve been interested in the ideas of a capsule wardrobe and a daily uniform before but now so more than ever. I’ve been reading up on both and trying to find some style inspiration that feels both age and lifestyle appropriate. The Style Bee is currently one of my favorite sources and time sucks.

One of the cons of a winter baby is the cold weather, and I’ve had trouble getting back to my pre-pregnancy routine of daily walking. In fact, I haven’t been exercising much at all even though I have re-committed to my pricey gym membership. I’m currently researching workout apps and am leaning towards either The Transform App or FitPlan. If anyone has any recommendations, I’m all ears.


This house is providing major inspiration for my own home.

And this kitchen too.

Watching Restored by the Fords and Fixer Upper season 5 on my DVR every Wednesday during feedings. Particularly loving this episode and this one.

I’m working with clients building a new home, and this post is a must-read for anyone considering new construction.

Thinking about writing posts about my experience with first-time motherhood, but does the world really need another mommy blogger?

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