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Five Kitchens with Fabulous Details You Can Copy

I have been suffering from a bad cold for the past few days and am curled up on the sofa entertaining myself by pouring over some of my favorite kitchens on my Pinterest Kitchens board. I’m absorbing some initial inspiration for not one but two new kitchen remodels that I’ll begin working on in the next week. But, more on those later…on to some great kitchen ideas that you don’t see every day.

Incorporate Open Shelving in Moderation

Kitchen Design Ideas from The House Diaries Kitchen Remodel

The House Diaries Kitchen Remodel

Nicole, of The House Diaries, did a fabulous job remodeling her galley kitchen. There are so many details to enjoy here, but I particularly like the reclaimed wood shelves with the wrought iron brackets mounted on the backsplash. I could never do all open shelving in my own kitchen – too much dust and dog hair, and I would never clean the top shelves. But, I really like the idea of a single open shelf within easy reach for items that are used every single day (they should be pretty too). This wouldn’t be too difficult to add to an existing kitchen with the right drill bit for your backsplash material.

Add a Task Lamp in an Unexpected Place

Kitchen Design Ideas from Hecker Guthrie Kitchen with Light

Hecker Guthrie Kitchen

Melbourne based designer, Hecker Guthrie, designed this stunning black and white kitchen. Click through to view the rest of the kitchen and home. I like the idea of adding a task lamp with articulating arm at the end of the peninsula instead of the standard pendant light. You can never have too much task lighting in a kitchen, and a lamp that adjusts and swings out of the way is even better than one that just hangs from the ceiling. It doesn’t hurt that this retro modern lamp connects beautifully with the black faucet and iron legs of those gorgeous stools. This would be super easy to do if you have the right spot to mount the lamp with a plug nearby.

Add Drama with Contrasting Elements

Kitchen Design Ideas from Brian Gluckstein

Brian Gluckstein

White painted kitchens will always be classic and always be my go-to choice, but sometimes they all start to look alike. The contrasting ribbons of dark walnut in this otherwise all white design are particularly striking and make this space unique and unforgettable. Obviously this look isn’t easily replicated in an existing space, but it wouldn’t be difficult if you are remodeling. Even if you’re simply repainting your kitchen, consider how you can employ contrast somewhere in your space to add drama and create emphasis.

Add a Waterfall Edge to your Countertop

Kitchen Design Ideas from Sarah Richardson Mid-Century Modern Kitchen

Sarah Richardson

If you’re thinking about replacing old or outdated countertops, consider incorporating a waterfall edge on your island or peninsula. The countertop continues down the side of the cabinets creating a sleek modern look that adds visual weight and interest to the design. This look can be achieved with quartz, granite, marble or even butcher block. Depending on the material you’re using for your countertop, this detail can be pricey, but, in my opinion, it’s well worth it for the custom look and impact it adds.

Inject Color and Pattern with a Vintage Rug

Kitchen Design Ideas from Jean Hannotte

Jean Hannotte

I love how Jean Hannotte used this vintage Kilim rug to tie together all of the colors in this kitchen. It marries the gray cabinets with the mid-century wood chairs with the gold toned granite perfectly. And, the red is the perfect accent. Vintage Kilims come in many different shapes and sizes, and the smaller ones are particularly affordable. Consider adding one or two of these colorful rugs as a budget friendly way to inject some texture and pattern into your kitchen.

After looking at all of these beautiful spaces and talented designers’ websites, I’m feeling much better and thinking about how I can go beyond the obvious to add some fun and interesting design details in both my own kitchen and my clients as well. Do you think you could incorporate any of these ideas into your space?

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12 thoughts on “Five Kitchens with Fabulous Details You Can Copy

  1. This upcoming spring I want to try to remodel my kitchen. I haven’t picked out some design elements for my new kitchen yet. So, I really liked your suggestion of using a waterfall edge on my countertop. I am glad that you pointed out that this style of countertop can be used with butcher block. That is great for me to know because I want to use butcher block on my counters.

  2. This is fantastic kitchen decoration, Furniture colors lighting and everything are awesome. Just like my dream kitchen . Thank you so much for shearing this kind of wonderful kitchen decoration idea .

    1. Thank you!

  3. Thanks for the beautiful designs. Actually I have a plan to renovate my kitchen. Definitely these designs will very helpful for me. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Reading your post has put so many ideas in my head. I m thinking of renovating my kitchen next month and im gonna follow your ideas. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Thank you for sharing this nice post. I really enjoyed reading this.

  6. Wow. Great content. This is worth my time as I am busy working most of the time. Much appreciated! You got some good ideas and designs, and would you mind if I like mixing some designs together on kitchen remodeling RI. It would look kinda nice. Anyway, thank you for putting that idea in my head. Good job!

  7. These are great ideas! The one thing that surprised me the most was the task lamp. I usually see these in professional kitchens. Having one in your kitchen will make you feel like a professional, and the family and friends you’re serving are your customers. It’s a nice addition to the kitchen. Thanks for sharing these ideas! I’m trying to learn more about houses in preparation for our future home. Cheers!

  8. I like the designs of kitchen which are in this content and they looks very beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us.

  9. Can contrasting elements be like black quartz counter, white, and exposed wood cabinets? I first saw the idea while looking into white kitchens. I like a white kitchen but I feel like it’s too monotone and that colored decor (colored plates, pots, pans, etc.) might not be enough to contradict the color white. If you’d like to have an idea about it, you can read here. The blog post that I shared has more ideas but I was more inclined to the black wood white mixture.

  10. This is fantastic kitchen decoration, Furniture colors lighting, and everything is awesome. The kitchen is looking luxurious, Thanks for sharing this post with us, I really love it, and keep sharing this kind of interesting post with us.

  11. These five kitchen ideas all are good. I liked the idea of placing a lamp near the sink; my question is, what do you think hiring a professional for is a good option?

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