More House Inspiration via Flickr

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I’ve been spending the evening perusing some of my favorite Flickr groups for more house inspiration. All of the photos are linked to their source.

wythe blue room today

Love the soft aqua walls with white and pops of yellow.

Meine Küche/ My kitchen

Soft neutrals with black and white in the kitchen


There’s so much to like about this room, but I think it comes down to the variety of textures and natural elements combined with crisp white and pale blue.

Lounge room: new rug

I like the graphic black and white elements in this room. The rug was a DIY.

More black and white paired with soft color.

winter room

Modern but comfortable.

Great wallpaper! Love the modern touches in the traditional architecture.


I want to paint our brick fireplace white. I like the collection of artwork and the pale gray wall color.

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