Pretty Blooms Out On the Trails

One of the things I most love about where I live is the easy access to an extensive system of biking and walking trails. The trail that we use is a short five-minute walk away and follows Walnut Creek. I have been enjoying my early evening walks so much now that the weather is better. Many of the native prairie flowers are in bloom as well as the honeysuckles, which smell so sweet and fresh.Every day I notice something new to appreciate about

Every day I notice something new to appreciate about the stretch of trail that I walk. Yesterday, I saw a family of ducklings going for a swim in the creek. On Monday, Booker and I ran right into a young deer. We see groups of deer fairly frequently, and they don’t seem to be afraid of us at all.

Today I stopped to take some photographs of the flowers that were blooming alongside the trail. I know they’re just weeds, but I really love them, especially the phlox.

Photo May 18, 4 29 47 PM

Photo May 18, 4 32 37 PM

Photo May 18, 4 35 28 PM

Photo May 18, 4 36 37 PM

Photo May 18, 4 38 31 PM

Flowers - Windsor Heights Iowa


Photo May 17, 6 51 11 PM

I’m really grateful every day that I can easily get out into nature and be surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers while I walk.

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