Printstagram Prints Review

Prinstagram Prints Review

I’m not sure where exactly I learned about (probably on decor8), and then I was reminded of it via Pinterest a few months ago. So, when we got back from our honeymoon and were brainstorming belated favors/thank-yous to send to our guests, mini photo books were already floating around in my sub-conscious.

A little background…before we left for Mexico, we signed up for Wedding Party App, which is a really cool app for iPhone and Android that lets you create a private website for your event and invite your guests to share their photos to a live feed. We collected almost 300 snapshots from the week-end this way. In addition, there were tons of photos floating around on various Facebook pages, but since not all of our guests are Facebook friends with each other, they couldn’t see all of the photos. So, we thought we’d make photo books for everyone with our favorite photos and send them out.

Prinstagram Prints Review

I did some initial research on various photo book printing services, but I eventually went with because I liked the clean, crisp layout and the mini size of the book – 3.5×2.4 inches with 50 photos. The photos from the Wedding Party App were small, so a typical 6×4 inch book would have been pixelated when it was printed out.

Prinstagram Prints Review lets you print photos from your Instagram photo feed, so I had to do quite a bit of work downloading all of the photos that I wanted to use from the Wedding Party App website (they make it easy by creating a .zip file for you) and from Facebook, then running them through Instagram on my phone (I apologize to my 42 Instagram followers!). This took me the better part of a week-end, because I wanted to create different books for different groups of friends. I ended up with six different versions of photo books.

Prinstagram Prints Review

I ordered the books (and a bunch of 4×4 prints, pictured above) on a Thursday and had them by the middle of the next week. I was really impressed with the turnaround time on the printing and shipping. The books are adorable in person. They have a silver finish spiral spine, white acrylic back and clear acrylic front. The corners of the front and back covers are slightly rounded. The photo pages are glossy white with the square Instagram images centered on the pages. Each page is printed with a photo front and back.

There were a few downsides to the books for me. I wish that they let you choose the photo that you wanted to use for the cover. I ordered 30 books and had to disassemble each one so I could change the cover photo…some of the cover photos they arrived with were not what I wanted! Or, it would be great if you could add a title page to the front with some text. Small quibble there. Second, you have to order the books in pairs. This worked out ok for me, and I only had one extra, but I could see that being annoying in the future. Last, I wish that you could name the book you were creating. When I had all of the different versions in my cart, I panicked a few times thinking that I was ordering the wrong quantity of each one. Also, at one point, I had all of my books made, and I left my computer for a few hours and came back to find my cart emptied, so I had to start all over. These last two issues wouldn’t deter me from using the service again, but it would be nice to be able to create an account, save your work and gave each book or group of prints a name.

I really loved the way the books turned out, and I definitely plan to order more. They are so cute and a great way to print out your Instagram photos and save them. They would make great baby books for grandparents as well, since you can easily tuck them in your purse.

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