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The Best Light Gray Paint Colors for Walls

This post was originally published in March 2015. It was updated in February 2020 to reflect my new favorite light gray paint colors for a fresh and updated interior.

The gray paint trend is still going strong, and I am often asked about my favorite light gray paint colors for walls. In this post, I’ve rounded up some of my top choices from both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams.

It’s very important to read through the descriptions so that you can understand the undertone of each color and how it might work in your home. The other day I did a consult with a client to select paint colors for her open living room / dining room / kitchen. The home had been a builder spec home in a new development, and the client had re-painted when they moved in but felt the color, which was a very cool blue-gray, wasn’t quite right.

Her instincts were right, and I could definitely see how she’d had trouble selecting the right paint color. The builder had used a pretty stone on the fireplace with warm gray undertones, tan carpeting, medium dark wood floors (not too red, which was good), espresso colored cabinets, and then granite countertops that were mostly gold with flecks of burgundy. The fixed finishes were all over the place, and the gray they’d picked was too cool to coordinate with any of them.

I brought my Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore paint decks along with loose swatches of some of my favorite colors. I also brought drafting tape and a piece of white foam core. I like to tape the loose swatches to the foam core and then move the foam core around the room. Plus, the white of the foam keeps the existing wall color from distorting the color of the swatches.

We eventually settled on three options for the living area that were all warm grays and then three options for blue-greens in the kitchen and dining area. We discussed painting the cabinets ivory to better coordinate with the cottage style the client prefers.

These are my go-to, warm, light gray paint colors and my starting point in just about any room where I know I’m not doing a color or a beige.

Keep reading for my favorite light gray paint colors for walls…

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray SW7029

Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams is definitely one of my top favorite colors for walls. It’s a warm stony color right in between true gray and beige. The undertone of the color leans more towards yellow-orange than toward green.

Patterned tile floor, master bathroom walk-in shower, Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray
Bathroom design by Jillian Lare

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter HC-172

I know that everyone (on Pinterest) is loving Revere Pewter these days and with good reason. It has a little more pigment in it than the Sherwin-Williams light grays (second swatch down on the strip) and has a more yellow-green undertone

Light stacked stone fireplace with Samsung Frame TV
Living room design by Jillian Lare

I used Revere Pewter on the board and batten wainscot in my modern farmhouse bathroom remodel and paired it with Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist on the drywall above.

corner bathroom vanity with wall cabinet asymmetrical vanity caesarstone vanilla noir
Bathroom remodel in progress by Jillian Lare

Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray SW7043

Worldly Gray is cooler than Agreeable Gray with more green in the undertone. It’s a beautiful color that looks lovely with natural wood.

Since so many of you have asked, the print in the photo below is actually a tea towel. You can purchase one online.

Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray Jillian Lare Des Moines Interior Designer
Kitchen remodel by Jillian Lare

Sherwin Williams Gossamer Veil SW9165

Without a doubt, Sherwin Williams Gossamer Veil is my new favorite go-to light gray paint color. I feel like it’s a well-kept secret, and I have been shamelessly using it on repeat for the last several months.

I love this particular shade of gray with slightly creamy white trim for creating a fresh and light space that isn’t all white. It has no strong undertone that I can perceive, but is probably a green gray. It’s stunning with natural wood tones.

Modern marble fireplace with built ins on each side, linear fireplace with Samsung Frame TV by Jillian Lare Des Moines Interior Designer
Living room design by Jillian Lare

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray 1548

Classic Gray has become another staple of mine lately. It’s lighter than Revere Pewter and doesn’t tend to go as green. It’s a warmer light gray with a touch more pigment in it than Gossamer Veil.

Dining Nook Benjamin Moore Classic Gray
Kitchen Remodel by Jillian Lare
interior designer des moines south of grand bathroom remodel
Bathroom remodel by Jillian Lare

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray HC-173

Edgecomb Gray is right below Revere Pewter in the Benjamin Moore paint deck, but Edgecomb Gray has more yellow in it than Revere Pewter and less pigment. It’s a wonderful alternative to beige and much more versatile.

Sherwin Williams Useful Gray SW7050

Useful Gray has a yellow-green undertone to it and also looks great with natural wood. It’s light and fresh feeling.

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray SW7050

Repose Gray is another versatile gray that is slightly deeper than some of the other grays on this list. It has a warm stoney undertone to it, and I particularly love it for bedrooms.

Sherwin Williams Drift of Mist SW9166

Drift of Mist is another new favorite of mine. It’s on the same strip as Gossamer Veil in the Sherwin Williams paint deck, but the two colors are not variations on the same hue. Drift of Mist is ever so slightly cooler.

All of these grays work really well for rooms with lighter hardwood floors and for rooms with wood trim. If you prefer darker colored walls or just a little more pigment than these light grays, you can always use the third swatch down on the Sherwin-Williams paint strip or the fourth or fifth swatch on the Benjamin Moore strip (for the non HC colors). I like to use the lightest color on the strip for the ceiling instead of stark white.

If you’d like a free printable PDF download with all of the paint colors I shared in this post with their respective numbers, click the button below. It’s a handy reference to take with you the next time you are headed to the paint store.

If you’d like to learn more about how I choose colors for my interior design clients, I’ve written an ebook with my best tips. These are the exact steps I use to reduce mistakes and do-overs when choosing paint colors for both interiors and exteriors.

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190 thoughts on “The Best Light Gray Paint Colors for Walls

  1. Lighting is EVERYTHING. In my home, Agreeable Gray actually appears to be lighter and cooler than Worldly Gray. The photos shown here of Worldly Gray look more like Agreeable Gray….and the photos of Worldly Gray look like Agreeable Gray (in my house anyway).

    1. Yes! I was just at a client’s home. We were testing out Revere Pewter in their living room. On four different walls, it looked like four different colors because of how the room received natural light. It was also complicated by the original wall color, which is why I like to always look at colors on a white background if possible.

      1. When I am choosing paint colors, I use primer over the previous paint. I do a big area so the old paint doesn’t influence the new color and I get small sample paints and put them on the wall.
        I just put a sample of Revere Pewter on my sun porch and waiting till tomorrow to see how it looks.
        In my former house the walls were painted a bright bluish green color and the ceiling was painted a very light corresponding color. My family thought I was nuts, but it turned out pretty. You couldn’t tell it wasn’t white unless you had white and the ceiling color side by side.

        1. Hi Virginia, that’s a great tip about the primer. And, I do love painting the ceiling a lighter shade of the wall color. It looks so much better than stark white!

      2. Jillian,

        I just painted my kitchen cabinets “Passive” by Sherwin Williams… I painted the wainscoting on the walls white and I went two down on the color swatch of these grays and went with “Tin Lizzie” on the walls over the wainscoting. I am miserable! I can’t take away the “Passive” on the Cabinets so I have to work around the cabinets… what color can I repaint on my walls to make my kitchen warm again? I feel like I am at a home in Nantucket or something and I live in the midwest.

        Might I add that the colors in the house were previously browns and golds and I am not changing any other room etc?

        What Gray can I put on the walls now that warms it up?

        1. I would try crushed ice. It’s a very light gray.

      3. I have a warm tan/beige color floor that I was told is a pink beige color. I was told to stay away from greens. Reason I was told, the green would bring out the pink/red from the floor which would make the greens come out more? Any truth to this? I am confused on what color to use. Any suggestions?

        1. I don’t know if you ever got an answer to your question or if you’re still stewing about it. I will tell you that I once used what I thought was a neutral paint in a kitchen that I thought had neutral countertops. The paint turned out to have warm undertones and the counter, cool undertones. The result was that both finishes looked horrible and cheap. The only time you can jump undertones, I think, is when you are adding extreme contrast, like navy blue and light or golden oak. In my experience, the more pigment the cool tones have, the better they compliment the warm tones.

    2. My house is pretty dark only one window in the family room which I plan to paint so I need an LVR of 60 or above or any of these paints that

  2. What is your opinion on SW Amazing Gray with honey oak? Its on the same swatch as SW Wordly Gray. Does being on the same swatch mean that colors keep the same undertones?

    1. I think it would be fine. If they are on the same swatch, then they have the same undertone, so it will work. Interestingly enough, I just considered that color for my home’s exterior. It’s a really great deep green-gray.

    2. Can you give me advice on a color for my sunroom? I have lots of trees which i get more shade than sunlight. Also, the room is opens to the rest of my house which is Tuscan yellow.

      Thank You!!!! 🙂

  3. What wall colors work well with light travertine marble tile?
    Thank you

    1. Sandra,
      I would take a look at Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan. It’s a nice warm neutral.

  4. What gray/greige would look good in a teen girl’s bedroom that doesn’t get much light. The ceiling is 10 feet and average size room. Thanks!

    1. I think it would definitely depend on your trim color and also what sort of feeling you want to achieve. Some grays are cooler and some are warmer. Some look good with oak trim and some not as much. One color I’ve been loving a lot lately is BM November Rain. It’s a very pale luminous gray with a green undertone, and it looks good with both oak and white trim. It will appear more like a white than a gray. If you want more pigment, I might try Sherwin Williams Wordly Gray, which is a warm gray but still light.

      1. What color gray paint for the walls would you use in a dining room that is open to the kitchen with medium walnut colored wood floors in dining room, and light cherry color kitchen cabinets?

  5. What if my counter tops are a brown granite, would I still be able to use the gray? My cabinets are off white and my kitchen is open into the family

    1. It’s possible it could work if it were a warmer gray/greige with bronze or brown undertones. You definitely want to stay away from cool greys with blue undertones and probably even the warmer grays with green undertones. I would take a look at SW Agreeable Gray and also BM Edgecomb Gray. I can’t be sure that they will work though without seeing the tops in person.

  6. What “greige” would you recommend for a two story great room. The room is west facing and we are using Sherwin Williams.

    1. Hi Lisa, it’s really difficult for me to say without seeing all of the other elements in your space. I would select a few of the colors I’ve mentioned here and paint large swatches onto poster board. Put them up in your room and observe them in the morning and then in the evening. That will give you a better feel for how the light will effect the color in your space.

  7. Hi! I have and love samples of many of the colors above. I’ve been trying to decide for the past three months! Problem is, my kitchen has lots of golden oak tones in the floor and the Alder Cabinets :/ I am trying to decided between BM Edgecomb Gray and BM Wind’s Breath. Would one mesh better with all the gold tones in my wood? Thanks so much!

    1. I think it depends on what color your trim is. I am not familiar with Wind’s Breath, but Edgecomb, to me, can go the slightest bit pink sometimes. If your trim is oak, I’m not sure I would go that direction. I would look for a gray with a little green in it like SW Agreeable Gray or Sedate Gray. It’s really hard for me to say without seeing your space, so take this advice with a grain of salt. Lighting and other finishes can dramatically affect the color.

  8. Hi Jillian, What colour would you recommend for a subtle gray with more blue undertones? My kitchen opens to our family room. The cabinets are Cherry, my backsplash is a pale blue glass. I wanted to tie it all together with a light grey or silvery grey but I don’t think the ones with green undertones would work. Thanks, Beth

    1. Hi Beth, it’s hard for me to say without being in your home, but I have always liked Sherwin Williams Tidewater and Seasalt.

      1. I tryed sea salt and think it’s dark with more green that anything

        1. That’s odd as Sea Salt is the lighting color on the strip. My sister has it in her dining room, and it’s quite light. It does have a blue green undertone.

  9. Hi!

    Im having the hardest time with our family room. We have golden oak floors and it has a darker warm brown with blackish brick fireplace right smack in the middle of the room. The room was painted edgecomb gray when we moved in but really pulled a yellow from the floor. (we have the same colour in the living/dining room and its way more gray and i love it there!) The sofas in the family room and curtains are all taupe/greige so the brick really stands out. To complicate matters its a sunken family room and is open to the rest of the main floor thats already neutral.

    I painted it a nice rich medium blue (oarsman blue behr) which looks great with the furniture and fireplace and gold frame accents… But stands out like a sore thumb against the rest of the main floor.

    I think i need to go back neutral and bring colour in the accents but cant decide if i should go lighter or darker… Revere pewter or Ashley gray.

    Any thoughts would be hugely appreciated and hopely save multiple repaints!

    Thank you!

    1. Had a similar situation-those golden oak floors can really throw a color but BM gray owl was about the purest gray. Looks great.

  10. I just updated my wood floors to a beautiful espresso stain and kept my maple cabinets. I have an open kitchen living area and the home has moulding that is now painted white to showcase it. Like your client, my living room has a stone fireplace and my granite has flecks of Black and Tans and my appliances are Viking stainless. Today my walls are SW Passive and the room is full of light with large windows. My sofa is a Henerdon sectional with a very light peach cast. What paint would you recommend that would be stunning?

  11. Loving all of these grays. I would love some advice because I’m having a very hard time choosing a color to paint my cabinets. My walls are French White by Benjamin Moore. And I was thinking of painting my kitchen cabinets with Ashley Gray by Benjamin Moore. But I want to make sure it still looks warm. I have white appliances and white trim. My kitchen is somewhat open and higher ceilings. I get a good amount of natural light during the day and then mid-afternoon things start to darken up which makes all the colors change. I would so appreciate some advice.

    1. I would like to paint all the rooms in my house the same color light grey. BM paper white or BM Tundra SW agreeable beige. Tiles in kitchen and bathrooms light beige carpet in bedrooms and stairs creamy white tan. Also need to brighten first floor is low light. I am appreciative of your advice. Thank you

  12. I rent an open plan home and our renovated kitchen has poorly matched fixed elements – yellow/beige undertone stone backsplash and floor, orange wood cabinets, and pretty black granite. I just went through so many grays before finding Worldly Gray, which appeared to be the only gray on the planet that would work with all our fixed elements while still giving us the look we were going for. It was amazing how so many “neutral” grays looked too blue or green on our walls. I wish I’d found your article sooner 🙂

    1. It really is a trick to find the perfect gray to go with all the fixed elements. And sometimes, there is no one perfect color because those fixed elements are so discordant. Glad you found one that works for you!

  13. I love all the grays you suggested! I am having a tough time finding a warm gray for my open floor plan house (currently painted an awful gold-beige-green color), and hope you can help me with a question about undertones. The floors are light maple and cream carpet (both have pinkish undertones). Should I look for a gray with a pink undertone, or would that make the pink worse? I really don’t want a pink or purple house!! 🙂 I have tried Agreeable Gray and Edgecomb Gray and both looked pink. I’ve also read to stay away from yellow undertones as they would make the pink undertones look dirty. I’m thinking of picking up a sample of Worldly Gray tomorrow and hope it’s the “One”. What do you think?

  14. I would love some advice in selecting a wall colour.

    We have fir floors throughout our home. They have an orange tone with slivers of a warm creamy yellow throughout. Our kitchen cabinets are white and we have a used brick fireplace with grey mortar. Our wall colour is BM French Vanilla (now called Papaya I believe) but we would like to update it. We are considering a white, cream or warm gray wall colour. Can you recommend a colour?

  15. Would SW 7030 Anew Gray work well with an espresso floor in a finished basement with white trim? Agreeable Beige and Gray look too light. I have 2 windows and good lighting with several can lighting in my ceiling.

  16. We’re trying to pick a light gray paint for our open concept area. Our floors are dark wood, all windows are white shutters and kitchen cabinets are white. The kitchen granite is creme bourdeux and it’s also around the fireplace. Suggestions? ?

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  18. Very helpful tips,Thanks! :-Do

  19. Hi Jillian, I love all of your comments and ideas. Which grey would you recommend for a bedroom? I have white oak trim (unfortunately) and very minimal natural light. The carpet is a neutral beige and my furniture is a driftwood color. I want something calming and subtle but still noticeable. I was thinking SW agreeable grey but am having a hard time coordinating the various wood colors. Thanks in advance!

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  21. I am looking for a grey that looks great on my exterior next to antique brick. It has been very hard to say the least. We have stucco and verticle farm board. My dove white looked yellow, my edgecomb grey looked medium tan and leading the pack is the agreeable grey which is in most of my interior. I am worried it will pull blue though. Do you think agreeable grey is good outside and with antique brick? Thanks and appreciate any input. I have had out 3 color specialists and can affort more. Ha!

  22. Going to do a fix and flip in Atlanta suburb..1900 sq ft ranch.. Planning on agreeable grey for walls..looking for suggestions on cabinet color..currently old fashioned stained oak. I was thinking of Dorian grey and Santa Cecilia light granite .. Thoughts ???

    1. Benjamin Moore White Dove (OC-17) is my go-to trim color. Sherwin Williams Incredible White might also look good with Dorian Gray.

      1. This is our trim color. How do you feel it pairs with Gossamer Veil? Using that for walls. Hall flooring is parquet and rooms are a stone carpet.

  23. I am thinking about going with agreeable gray. You should see all the color swatches on my bathroom wall! Ha! I have a question though… I have light gray tile around my bathtub and was wondering if you would think it could compliment well or actually wash it out with too much gray? It’s like it has a little bit of purple in the agreeable gray but what do you suggest? Thanks, Alison

    1. Hi Alison, it’s very difficult for me to give specific color advice without more information. I do offer a color selection service, which you can check out on my services page. Thanks! Jillian

  24. Love all the colors you posted about! Fantastic job! I have my heart set on a gray paint scheme for our new house, but it is best described as post and beam style with lots of light, natural wood. How do you think the revere pewter would work with this? Is there maybe a better choice?

    1. I think Revere Pewter works well with natural wood. I’ve specified it several times in spaces with oak trim.

  25. Just purchased a condo open floor plan planning on having kitchen cabinets a gray color leaving the island as is a cherry stain woodwork is light stained wood as is floors not sure of what color gray to use on cabinets and walls

    1. Hi Karin, it’s very difficult for me to give specific color advice without more information. I do offer a color selection service, which you can check out on my services page. Thanks! Jillian

  26. Jillian, I have Brazilian cherry floors throughout my entire house and limestone in the kitchen and main hallway. I love Edgecomb BM would that work for me? kitchen cabinets are cherry but not too red.

    1. Edgecomb has the tiniest bit of pink in it, so I think it’s worth a shot. As always, paint some test swatches in various locations…one close to the limestone, one close to the cabinets. Try to paint them on different walls so you can evaluate them in different light.

  27. This post has been so helpful. I’m looking for the right gray to use throughout my home. It is north facing and doesn’t get much natural light so I’m worried that this will pull out the undesired undertones while I am hoping for a true gray. I am planning on testing out Useful Gray, Edgecomb Gray, and Agreeable Gray, do you think one of them may be better with the lighting of my home? Or another color entirely? Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Christen, it’s really hard to say without seeing photos of swatches, etc. Edgecomb can pull a little pink, which may counteract the coolness of the northern light. The best thing to do is just paint swatches on the walls in different areas of your home. You might find that some rooms are going to need different colors to look their best because of their exposure.

  28. We are finishing our basement with dark floors, cedar and stone wrapped columns, dark cabinets, and light creamy granite with caramel colored specks through it. I picked agreeable gray for walls but having trouble with trim. I want an off white color for trim but don’t know which is the darkest off white I can go.

    1. Benjamin Moore White Dove is my go-to trim color. It’s a little creamy with a touch of gray. You can see the difference if you hold it up next to a stark white.

  29. Hi. I have walnut colored hard wood floors,gray quartz & quartzite countertops, and cararra marble backsplash. My wall color/trim/cabinets are builder off-white (not cream)and lot of bright blue and red accents. I’ve used a lot of grays, but I’m looking for a gray for two accent walls with slightly/undectable blue undertones that will complement the decor and hopefully make the builder off-white look more white. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Pamela, I tend to stick to the warmer grays or grays with warm green undertones because the blue grays tend to look so cold. You could take a look at (all Ben. Moore) HC-170 and OC-52.

  30. JIllian,
    I am going with Agreeable Gray in our open family-breakfast/kitchen area (north) and huge 2 story entry (@25% lighter due to low light) and dining room. The floors are dark hardwood in all of these areas, earthy stone fireplace (creams/greys/little brown/orange) kitchen cabinets med/dark oak and santa cecilia granite (gold/grey/dark flecks).
    BM Simply white was too stark for the trim/ceiling.

    I’m planning to test your “go-to” White Dove. It will be used for trim and plantation shutters.
    Do you have a different suggestion?
    What do you suggest for a ceiling color? Would white dove work well for crown and ceiling?

    1. I think White Dove is a really good choice because it’s got a touch of gray and a touch of cream. It won’t read as stark white. You could also do the White Dove in flat on the ceiling, which is pretty, or you could use the lightest color on the Agreeable Gray strip, which will make your crown pop out but still coordinate.

  31. Your post and replys have been very helpful! Hoping you can help me with few questions. We have 20ft entryway and very open floor plan and will use a color throughout most of first floor expect laundry, first floor guest bedroom/ bath and master bedroom/ bath with white stone with little gray in it. I really love SW requisite gray that i painted on the wall but afraid it is going to be too dark. I am thinking about Agreeable gray or Repose gray as an alternative. Also have coffered ceiling in dining room and wanting to use a darker color within coffered ceiling trim. Any suggestions in using Requiste gray at 33% or 50% or any other color suggestions? I plan to use white dove on trim and ceiling.

  32. Jillian, I have sedate gray on my walls in my open living, dining, kitchen and would like to paint my kitchen island? I want something that will go with my walls. My floors are a clear white oak and kitchen cabinets are a natural wood tone. Thank-you so much for your time/suggestions.

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  34. We are painting our dining room useful gray (SW) and would like to use a metallic treatment, such as tin, in the pan of the ceiling. We have dark oak floors and Delicate White (PPG) trim.

  35. I’m contemplating using SW Useful Gray as my trim color through my whole house, do you think it’s too dark?
    It will actually end up being the wall color because the trim is up to 10 ft in the two story rooms of the house

    1. My rule of thumb is to use the lightest color on a strip for the trim, second lightest (or first) for the ceiling, and third for the walls. And, of course, the walls can go darker. This gives a nice soft effect. I can’t really say if Useful Gray is too dark because I don’t have any information about the house, but it will definitely not read as white.

      1. Hi J,
        Thanks for your reply …perhaps you’re right. Maybe I should go with SW Oyster White
        I wanted to attach a photo of what the room & what I meant by trim/wall making up most of the color but I don’t see how to attach a photo?

  36. Hello! I love all you color selections! I am trying to paint my whole house in different grays. My foyer is painted with repose gray and I am trying to choose another gray for the living room (which will actually be a piano room) which is right off of the foyer. I wanted to use a slightly lighter shade or maybe even something along the same lightness of repose grey. We have medium wood floors, white trim and will be putting a dark wood baby grand piano in there that also has a brown leopard print fabric bench. Any help would be appreciated!

    Also, any general tips to make choosing a grey paint colors for the rest of my home? There are soooooo many choice and it is very overwhelming!
    Thanks again,
    Melissa 🙂

  37. hi This s very helpful. What is your take on natural linen Sherwin Williams color with maple kitchen cabinets and walnut floors

    1. It’s a really nice color, and I think it should work well. But, it also depends on the color of your trim. If it’s painted white, you should look at the two whites together and make sure they don’t make one took too green, too pink, etc.

  38. Hi Jillian! Great article and advice! I am building a new house and just picked out the interior paint yesterday. We went with SW city Loft, but I am not sure it is the right choice, (it could be, but would really like your advice) we have all white cabinets throughout the whole house. Here is a pic of the model home interior

    I don’t know if i will be having an accent. wall and the wood flooring will be a shade darker then what is pictured. We have light cream leather sofas as well. I was wondering if I can or should stick with City Loft since I think i would like something darker. If i go darker it will be through the entire house (unless i do an accent again)

    My wife doesn’t want something depressing and dreary and i don’t want too light that I might as well have white (lol) any suggestions? Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Chuck, I’m glad you found this post helpful! City Loft isn’t a color that I’m familiar with off the top of my head. It looks like it has a warm creamy undertone to it with a touch of gray, which will contrast with the white cabinets. If you can go with Benjamin Moore instead, I like Revere Pewter (more gray-green) and Edgecomb (lighter and beigier) as my go-to neutrals. It’s really hard to give good color advice online though because it’s so important to understand the finishes and lighting in the actual space. I would also paint lots of swatches on multiple walls and look at them at different times of day.

  39. Love reading all of this Jillian. I am building a home (you are aware of this ;), and would like to have light white oak or maple floors. what color of gray looks best with a lighter floor? thank you

    1. I think we should look at Revere Pewter as a possible main color. Edge comb is pretty too, as is Worldy Gray. It will depend on the stone for the fireplace and the kitchen counters since they are open to each other.

  40. I am in the process of paining my home, the painter is waiting on me to pick colors. Currently have gold.beige walls. Floors are medium colored hardwoods, kitchen is done in tan tumbled travertine tiles with Santa Cecilia granite. Which is the best gray for the walls, SW Agreeable Grey or SW Front Porch. We have some rooms with natural light and some rooms are very shaded with no direct light.

    1. Hi Pam, unfortunately, I can’t give specific color advice. Color is so subjective and heavily dependent on the other elements in the room that you mentioned as well as the light. I would really need to be present in the space to give you advice I would feel confident in.

  41. Great article! I’m currently building and trying to decide on paint colors. My builder uses SW paint and I really like Agreeable Gray. I do have a concern though. I went with Merillat Chiffon (off white) cabinets and I’m not sure if this paint color will make them look yellow. I would love to hear your opinion on this! Do you maybe have a different color suggestion for me? Thanks in advance!

  42. My livingroom, kitchen and entryway are all painted in edge comb gray. 1 wall looks green to me. What should I paint it? Would Balboa Mist work for that 1 wall?

    1. Is that particular wall facing windows? It could be reflecting grass, trees, bushes from outside. Check that first, but I wouldn’t paint one wall a different color to try and correct it. I’d repaint the whole room.

  43. In our bedroom edgecomb gray has lavender undertones sometimes. It is a north facing room. Has anyone else noticed this? Thank you

    1. Yes, I have definitely noticed that Edgecomb can pull towards pink. It’s one color I also test swatch and look at it in the room and with all of the other materials in the space before specifying.

  44. Have master suite- bath with a lot of travertine. White vanity and quartz countertops with slight touches of gray. carpet in bedroom. Help! Too much stone to replace. What paint can I use? Pale oak too yellow, haven’t found gray to complement beiges in stone! Maybe Revere pewter in bedroom? But bath????

    1. Marie – it’s so hard to say because different variations of travertine have different undertones. It’s more likely the undertone is a peach vs. a yellow. You could try BM Edgecomb Gray or take a look at Sherwin Williams Shiitake.

  45. Hi Jillian, we are truffling with our kitchen/den area. Our bottoms cabinets are SW intellectual grey and tops are SW Useful grey. I thought that we could pull off SW Egret White but it was awful! We want to lighten the room but keep the top cabinets from looking too green. Our home is a bit older, 80’s custom build with skylight and double window in the breakfast room that is open to the kitchen. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

  46. Hi, I am wondering where the bird on evergreen print is from in the Kitchen Remodel photo featuring Worldly Gray. I love it! Great advice here too, thanks!

    1. It’s actually a tea towel! You can purchase it here:

  47. Hi Jillian, I’m living in a small 3 bedroom house. Furnitures are black and sofa is charcoal. Light blue paint on walls, trims white, cherry wood flrs. I’m not in love with the paint color. I’m so loving those greys and greiges. I would rather a color that is warm and inviting preferable greige. Your help is greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Paulette, I love BM Classic Gray or Edgecomb Gray if you want a gray that is warmer. Pale Oak is pretty as well.

  48. Hi Jillian! Thank you for the great tips! I am testing out greige/grey paint colors on my wall. I really like Agreeable gray but it looks COMPLETELY different on different walls in my living room. On one wall it looks a dark beige and on another it looks like a very very pale blue. What could be causing this? Is there a better color you would recommend to go with that won’t look so different from one wall to the next? Thanks!

    1. Hi Courtney,
      The lighting in the room, both natural and artificial, can change how the color appears. Also, anything adjacent to it, like furniture or even art, can affect your perception. This is a pretty nuanced situation, so it it’s something I could solve quickly.

  49. Hi!

    We’ve recently taken in a big project and ripped out drywall in nearly every room in our small house with the exception of the kitchen and bathrooms(that’s a project for another year!) We had very different colors in every room and I’m leaning towards picking one light gray for all 3 bedrooms and the living room and dining room to make it more unified. Or should I be looking for different shades of gray for each room? What would you suggest for a light warm gray that would work for every room? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jessica, using the same paint color or shades that are close to each other is a good way to create unity throughout the house. I love Benjamin Moore Classic Gray. Sherwin Williams Gossamer Veil or Agreeable Gray are also top picks for me when I have to pick a single color.

      1. Thanks Jillian. We’ve decided on agreeable Gray and SW Alabaster for trim and the shiplap wall. The only thing left to decide is the ceiling!

        I’m not sure if it should be alabaster or go with a ceiling white? What do you usually use for ceilings?

        1. Hi Jessica, do you have crown molding? If you do, I would paint the ceiling Alabaster in matte finish. The contrast between the semi-gloss on the trim and the matte on the ceiling will be beautiful. If there’s no crown, you could do ceiling white.

  50. Hi Jillian, I have Marscapone in my living room/dining, hall and entryway (oxford white on the trim). Any suggestions for neutral bedroom colours that would transition from the Marscapone well? Other than Revere Pewter – something a littler crisper and less muddy? Many thanks! Melanie.

  51. Hi Jillian! Thanks to your recommendations I’m going with Sherwin Williams Gossamer Veil on my walls! You suggested a warm trim but didn’t reference any particular color. What Sherwin Williams color would you paint your trim if you used Gossamer Veil?

    Thank you!

    1. In my 49th St project, we paired Gossamer Veil with SW Alabaster, and I loved it. I just used the combination again at a lake house, and it’s so beautiful.

  52. My teen daughter wants a light grey paint, tub everything I show her is ‘too dark’ or too beige’ ….she has IKEA hemnes white furniture and a light grey velvet headboard and wants something simple and elegant and calm. Any suggestions?

    1. Shauna, I would definitely try either the Gossamer Veil or Worldly Gray. Classic Gray is another good option. You’ll want to check the undertone with the headboard fabric as they could clash.

  53. Wonderful post! I am painting my basement and it does not get very much light at all. All the windows are on the backside of our home. I have been looking a Repose Gray and Edgecomb Gray. Do you know which looks better or can you recommend a different color in rooms with very little natural light? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Cheryl, it’s hard to say just offhand, but both colors are fairly light. Edgecomb can go lavender or pink in certain lights or next to certain materials.

  54. Hello Jillian,

    We are building a new home and we are looking for a beautiful silver or grey color for our interior walls of our home….we like
    SW 7649 Silverplate by Sherwin Williams but we would love some other options if you have any and Our builder only uses Sherwin Williams paint. Our kitchen Cabinets are white and we’d like the wall colors to have color but not to dark and not to light to where it blends and not to dark so it makes the home seem small.
    We are empty nesters and our home size is 1700 sq single story and we love the grey/silver with the red tone not the green……any ideas would be fantastic. Thank you
    Brandi Hudson

  55. Do you like SW Useful Gray with Alabaster trim? Also having my kitchen cabinets professionally redone with alabaster and am wondering if sea salt would nice if other walls are useful gray. Very open floor plan, but not enough natural light.

  56. I need ideas for wall paint and interior trim to go with Dorian Gray kitchen cabinets.

    We are building a south-facing Tudor. The kitchen, dining and living are all connected in basically an L-shape. Because the homes are so close together the kitchen does not have any windows, but is across from the open dining with a 12′ sliding door that provides indirect light. The living room is on the front of the house, next to the dining and diagonal to the kitchen, but it does have the most light and a vaulted 22′ ceiling.

    The challenge is that the kitchen cabinets will be floor to ceiling and painted Dorian Gray. What wall color ideas will work with the Dorian Gray cabinets and the dining and living, too?

    Also, I would really like a trim paint option that works with the wall color but is not a bright white. I originally thought to paint the trim Dorian Gray also, but my husband is not a fan. I will paint the trim throughout the rest of the house rooms a white-ish paint anyway… maybe there is an option that doesn’t have to be white-white?

    Any ideas?

  57. Hi Jillian,

    What carpet color will go well with my SW Agreeable grey walls(bedroom 1) and Mindfull grey walls (bedroom2). Both bedrooms are north facing with medium sized window. Thanks

  58. Hi Jillian – our home was hit by hurricane here in North Carolina last Sept- we have been rebuilding it ever since… finally getting to some fun stuff- picking colors – I love the look of the trim/wall/ doors same colors- we have a big greatroom with lots of windows to ocean and diningroom/kitchen /lounge area are all open area- my cabinets are white with natural wood island- wood floors/deco ridge beam in greatroom – I am narrowing down the color to agreeable grey or worldly gray ? we have a spanish type blue and white aged tile as backsplash- with feature wall in diningroom upward blue- any ideas or insights.. really really appreciate your time – this is my tile in the kitchen with white shiplap×13-oliver-ceramic-floor-and-wall-tile-set-of-10-prvw-vr~88525622?lid=68535565 thanks Darlene

  59. I am wanting to repaint my kitchen. My floor tile is neutral, my cabinets are hickory, and my counter tops are brown with colored specks. I need to brighten up the room. I’m going for the modern farmhouse look. I really like the “greige” colors. What do you recommend of these colors to brighten up the room more towards the beige colors, but keep warm?

  60. Love your suggestions. What would be a good choice of gray for brazilian cherry floors. I have a creamy white going in for the kitchen cabinets and lusso quartz from silestone. I’m afraid the floors will make the gray look different.

    1. Hi Claudia, if the floors have red in them, I would try either the green grays or a taupe with a lavender undertone.

  61. We have snow bound colored cabinets in a home on a North-South facing lot. What is the best light gray color for an open concept living space? And what color white trim would you use? Agreeable Gray, Crushed Ice, Repose, Useful, and Wordly are some we have considered. We don’t want it to pull green, blue or purple.

    1. SW Gossamer Veil doesn’t pull an undertone very strongly that I can see, and I’ve used it several times now.

  62. We have an white kitchen with white trim We just remodeled and I have east and west facing windows in the main living area. I want a light airy feeling without feeling cold. What would you suggest. We have racked our brains with the grays with both Repose and Agreeable tend to give a different hue but right now our house has very beige walls. We just are remodeling…I’d even be open to a soft neutral or airy white…HELP!

    1. I really like SW Neutral Ground lately as a gray alternative. Also BM Classic Gray is a favorite. My own home is all BM White Dove, and I love it.

  63. We just had a kitchen redone. My problem is the cabinets are an off white and the counters are lighter but the back splash has gray green tones. I am having trouble with paint color to blend these and be a bit contrasting but not be too dark. Also the kitchen shares a wall with the family room. How do I blend these contrast the cabinets but not be too dark?

  64. I have read all your post with great interest and HOPE for finding some help as I am having a rather difficult time choosing the right gray for my (new to me) condo in Sarasota. I have used BM Classic Gray in my other home in MA. with Chantilly Lace Trim(whitish carpet). My new place has whitish(slight beige) large tile floor. I was hoping to find one of your posts with a white tile floor! Its an Open floor plan for living spaces and pretty hight ceiling(9.4) with crown molding. Faces South with mostly glass sliders-so very sunny! I have tried many paints on ever wall and nothing seems right! OH!!! did I mention its light stucco walls- not a fan-but not something I can change. Can this make a difference in color? I have tried Light Pewter which was too dark for the look I was hoping for. Currently there are many very dark brown accent walls but a consultant suggested NOT doing any accent walls and staying with one color throughout and 50% less of that on ceiling. After 4 paint color tries…I am headed back to the store to go with my classic…BMClassic Gray again. I am looking for a truly light gray and white trim contrast. I tend to favor more of a monochromatic calm look with pops of colors with pillows/artwork/accessories. I feel the whitish tile is making it hard-plus I have not picked furniture or area rugs yet. I feel that the paint decision is the most important- but how to do this without any of the furnishing? Does stucco make a difference when choosing the color? Thank you so much for any help.

    1. You are right in that it’s very difficult to pick a paint color when you don’t know what any of the furniture is. Most designers prefer to pick the paint color last. I do find Classic Gray to be very versatile and similar to SW Gossamer Veil. I would avoid the accent walls too and go for all one color.

  65. I’m wanting to repaint a bedroom with old (c 1811) exposed brick in a reddish-orange color on one wall. What gray/greige color would look best for the other walls? Thinking of buying a bed with washed mango wood, so fairly light natural wood tone. I’m having trouble coming up with a wall color to complement the brick and the bed. Thank you!

  66. After some extensive reno work on our house, I tried several samples of griege and white paints on walls all over the house to decide which color worked best with our new red oak/natural finish floors. At the same time, we did not replace our furniture and so also wanted something to coordinate nicely with our walnut & pine wood pieces and red, green and cream upholstered furniture. SW Gossamer Veil beautifully pulled it all together. Greenish undertones – most definitely. It worked with everything I already owned. Best kept secret – indeed it is! Loving it.

    1. I’m so happy it worked out for you! I really love that color…it’s so versatile.

  67. Hi – can you tell me about SW Simple White? I put it in my condo and loved it, but now that it’s furnished it looks crazy (often times pink!!) I thought it was white with a strong gray undertone and looked at swatches in my lighting beforehand. What happened? 🙁

  68. For a cararra marble vanity and floors in a bathroom with peuter fixtures and white trim. What wall color do you recommend to keep it crisp yet slightly cozy?

  69. We have an open floor plan of brand new kitchen and family room. We are looking to order kitchen cabinets that have white perimeter and navy blue (maybe BM/ Hale Navy Or SW/ Naval). Counter top will be light color white with slight grey in it. What white cabinets do you recommend to go with that?
    I would love a grey color walls but debating whether to go cold undertone or warm undertone or neutral grey. What do you recommend? The space gets a decent amount of light from windows (south/ west) but no skylights.
    Thanks for this great blog.

  70. I am having trouble choosing a color for my kitchen which opens up to a 1 story vaulted ceiling great room. The great room is painted Mendocino with Chapel Hill trim. My kitchen has a Scandinavian blue large island and cabinets are maple which have an orangish undertone. Counters have creamy white. Gray and small bluish gray. Kitchen floor is light/ med brown. Carpet in great room is a light beige with darker flecks. Fireplace is a warm mid cherry.
    Any suggestions on what to paint the kitchen? Kitchen faces East and darker. Get room faces West with strong light after 12pm. I’ve looked at some of the grays; possibly agreeable or repose gray? Furniture is dark burgundy and butterscotch.
    I’d appreciate any opinion. Thanks!!

  71. Hi. Just moved into a house with super white kitchen cabinets and white subway tile backsplash. The walls are currently edgecomb gray with lighter bamboo looking blinds. Pretty dark hardwood floor and gold faucet and cabinet pulls. Good amount of sunlight. I hate the edgecomb color. It looks to yellow. Interested in a white or Grey suggestion please and thank you!

    1. I’m having the hardest time deciding on a color for my west facing kitchen. I chose an antique white cabinet and against the builder grade white paint they look horrible. I have samples of Assessible Beige and Manchester Tan on the walls but just can’t pull the trigger on either. The counters are White St Cecilia granite. Floors are Daltile Glen Arbor Grey. My style is not modern like some grey wall homes, I’m more traditional with fall colors in furnishings so I’m leaning more beige than grey for walls.

  72. Hello Jillian!
    Love your blog!!!
    Ideas to repaint three bedrooms main room, daughter’s room, 27, son’s room 26 years old) with
    shiplap half wall, white floor, white furniture.
    My favourite styles are Shabby Chic and rustic Farm house.
    What wall color ideas will work with these styles?
    What would be a good choice… going for all one color or different ones?
    In case of different ones, what do you recommend? Neutral colors for the walls or for the shiplap? Any other ideas?
    Thanks you!!!

  73. Hi Jillian,
    I painted several rooms repose gray. It tends to look green all the time.Any suggestions on a similar or lighter colour without the green undertones. It’s a north east exposure.

  74. Have you used SW Aesthetic White in any of your projects? I have SW pure white for Trim. Wondering if there are any undertones?
    I feel it can go beige or grey
    Thank you

  75. Hi Jillian,
    I painted my kitchen and adjoining rooms with Repose grey. Now my kitchen cupboards look yellow.
    Can you suggest some off white colours would work best on the cupboards ?

  76. Hi Jillian,
    I’m a little late to Jump on the gray bandwagon, my living rooms are currently earth tones (gold and brown) . I’m definitely ready to paint them!! My question is which gray would look best with SW Linen white trim? I appreciate your expertise. I’m leaning towards Silverpoint. I also have a red brick fireplace that needs to be considered.

  77. Hello
    I have a 1920’s bungalow style house with stained woodwork around the windows, doors, baseboards and pine hardwood floors. The color of the woodwork is orange/yellow. I am looking for a greige color that will complement the wood. My living room does not get much natural light. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you

    1. Julie – I would try a gray green or a gray with warm yellow green undertones to it. You can steer towards beige as well.

      1. Thank you so much. Be safe.

  78. Hi Jillian,
    I am looking to paint my Living room, Dining room, and Hallway wanting to go with a gray paint but not green, cement gray, browns, or med blue tones any suggestions? Thanks!

  79. Hi Jillian, I’m crazy about that print in the photo for your kitchen remodel using Worldly Gray, the one with the birds on branches. Do you mind sharing the name/cource for that? Thanks.

    1. It’s actually a tea towel! You can buy it here:

  80. Hi!
    I have a very builder grade home with golden oak trim/cabinets from the early 90s that my husband will not let me paint. Most of the walls are very beige/taupe now. I need to paint everything. I’ve tried a ton of samples. I would really love to have white trim and the lighter modern look. What grey/Greige colors do you recommend with golden oak? Not a green fan. The windows are east/west and give a good amount of light to the main area.

  81. Agreeable Gray looks more cooler compared to Worldly Gray. I bought samples of both and painted a big square on different parts of the wall and examined both throughout the entire day. Wordly Gray is warmer and a tad bit darker, but I would say it’s a light, warm gray. Agreeable Gray on the other hand looks like a light icey blue and look’s too cool.

    1. That’s really interesting, and I’m sure the light is affecting it. I’ve never thought of Agreeable Gray as going blue before. I tend to see it lean more towards beige or warmer than a green gray.

  82. Hi Jillian

    Looking for the best light gray or white for large living room where the accent wall was just painted “Hale Navy” by BM. My floors are medium oak and my trim and fire place all oak (with tones of yellow-orange-brown). I was leaning toward light gray either BM Classic Gray or Other ones in the running are “silver satin” (Same swatch as collingwood) and one off white called white down (same swatch as cloud white) because my kitchen is collingswood, and cabinets are cloud white uppers and Chelsea gray lowers. i trying to have some transition color to tie kitchen and living. Room while still being light enough to off set Hale navy accent wall.

  83. Hi Jillian,
    I am building a home in Central Florida with double espresso cabinets and Calacutta Gold Quartz countertops. I am trying to decide on a paint color that will go from the entry through the kitchen, great room and dining room and possibly the master bedroom and am considering Worldly Gray. The entry and kitchen, doesn’t have much natural light but the great room, dining room and master bedroom has a huge amount of natural light. Please let me know if you think that would be a good paint choice or if there is another that would work better. Thanks

  84. Hi Jillian,

    What do you think of Drift of Mist (SW) for an east-facing bedroom which is bright enough in the morning but very shadowy and dim in the afternoon? I came across the colour in your article on your favourite grays and Kylie of Kylie Home Design also referred to it. I’m looking for a warm gray that is not too feminine with the least undertones possible. I thought of Gossamer Veil (SW) but am worried it will be too dark in an east-facing room with only one small window. Drift of Mist could be an option with its LRV of 69? Any suggestions?

  85. Dear Jillian…Your post turned out happens to be one of the best advice ever in the lengthy decision process to repaint the interiors of our house in Texas. Most of the natural light of the first floor comes from the south where the back of the house is facing and, with the exception of one bedroom all upstair rooms and illuminated from eats and west. SW Drift of Mist has proven perfect for our needs in all the areas with the exception of the master bedroom where we wanted a more warming/welcoming tone like SW Gossamer Veil. As predicted, light wood tones, even darker, are a perfect match with these two colors in the background. Leather sofas along the line of taupe tone and grey corduroy sectionals also come to be a perfect fit with drift of mist in the background.
    I am particularly happy with Gossamer Veil on our master bedroom facing south. Our vintage Broyhill Centerpiece 4-post bedroom set from the 90s originally stained in light waxed/birch tone now looks more contemporary than ever. In summary both Drift of Mist and Gossamer Veil will make the beauty of your wood furniture stand out.
    It will take a lot of years before I can get tired of these two tones.
    Thank you!

    1. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me! I’m so glad they worked out. Two great under-the-radar colors!

  86. I was thinking of doing alabaster SW in my den. I have dark heart pine floors in den and kitchen right next to den. My kitchen is backdrop SW and mud room is dovetail SW next to kitchen (all have dark heart pine floors). My husband is not liking the idea of all the white in den. It will go up staircase and into the hall’s upstairs. What other light shade would you recommend? I’ve looked at so many colors and am really confused now! Please help!

  87. Hello Jillian,
    Our master bath is in (SW) city loft with white trim, I’m thinking of a slightly darker grey for the bedroom, do you have any advice on what (SW) color would compliment city loft? Or is it too much to use the same color in both rooms?
    Thank you!

  88. Hi Julian,. Great article. I have just purchased a home and am trying to pick paint colors for my master bedroom without repainting all the baseboards, trim and crown which is currently painted with SW Dover White. I have SW samples on my wall and cannot make a decision. The colors are Repose Gray, Agreeable Gray, Big Chill and Passive. I am so concerned with making a mistake. I get West sunlight in the afternoons. The living areas are pretty shaded. Can you please help me make a decision? I think the trim color is throwing me off. I am use to white trim. I would be so grateful for any help. Thank you

    1. Hi, I have the same color trim and worldly gray and agreeable gray look nice.

  89. Jillian how do you like the color by sherwin williams -crushed ice for bedrooms and bathrooms ?

  90. Hi Julian-
    My house is quite small therefore I want to give the illusion of bigger spaces. I am painting the whole house SW Repose Gray and SW Elder White. What would be the best color for trim and doors to compliment? Elder White is for basement and upstairs hallway as very little light. Thanks!

  91. I have medium cherry hardwood flooring along with multi-beige tile in the space (large foyer area tile and dining rm wood), facing north. What’s a good color for this area.

  92. I sent this on to my wife. Thanks for posting it. We are painting the entire interior of our home and are having fun deciding what color is going to work best. Between the post and the comments we have a lot to work through here… 🙂

    1. Glad it was helpful!

  93. Hello,

    So my designer has picked Sherwin Williams Pussywillow as the main color throughout our new home. We love the color but think it is a little to dark for what we want. I was wondering what would be a color along those same lines but lighter.



  94. Can I use all these colors together but in different rooms

    1. I think so!

  95. Hi, I loved this article. We are in the process of remodeling our bathroom. So far we have driftwood vanity with a white top. White subway tiles for half the wall space and hexagonal white with streaks of gray tiles for the floor. I am leaning toward repose gray and sea salt for the wall paint. Any advise? Thanks so much!

  96. Jillian
    Is the paint color in the room with the tea towel Worldly Grey or Gossimer Veil?

    1. That one is Worldly Grey.

  97. Hi Jillian, I love your style, and this is incredibly helpful! I noticed the paint swatch number listed above for Repose Gray should be SW7015 rather than SW7050 (that one is the Useful Gray).
    Thanks so much,

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know! I will get that corrected asap.

  98. Hello, found this so helpful and loved the look of the living room with the stone fireplace, that goes to the ceiling. Is the paint color used revere pewter, as it looks a lot lighter than the swatch… more like classic gray. I have the same type of stone fireplace that has dark gray tones….do you think I could paint the stone as Really want the look….same tones.

    1. Hi Mary, it is Revere Pewter. I’m sure it looks a little lighter because we brightened up the photos.

  99. I am looking into either Worldy Grey or Useful Grey. I have cherry wood floors and nude tiles in the kitchen. The kitchen has oak/amber cabinets. We have high ceilings throughout the entire home and a lot of natural light. Any recommendations of which one would look good throughout most of the home?

  100. My kitchen cabinets are in sw alabaster, uba tuba granite, trim alabaster, and medium dark oak floors. My kitchen and great room have very high ceilings facing east, mainly large windows north, and a south window. I have a dark blue-gray L-shaped couch, with light blue striped chairs. I love the french farmhouse look.

    I am currently trying to decide on a wall color for my open floor concept. Colors in my decor are gray blues. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  101. Hi there, I painted what U thought was a true grey and it has turned mauve in my grand open space livingroom/kitchen. Can you recommend another light grey colour that wouldn’t do this. I even tested it but it changes colour all day. We are north east facing and don’t have enough natural light I think.

    1. Hi Shaunee, yes…the exposure can definitely change how the color reacts. Which gray did you try?

  102. What greige color would go best with maple cabinets? Preferably from Sherwin Williams.

  103. Hi Jillian , when I’m trying to pick paint colors I always look you up ! Your advice and knowledge has never left me down ! I’m kinda stumped on picking a paint color for my kitchen walls . I’m FINALLY getting new appliances in black stainless steel , my cabinets are a light grayish white but the stickler is my countertops ..they are gray,beige,dark shades color .My kitchen is small so the appliances “make a statement “ . The trim is white . I was thinking a warm gray …but I’m stumped ! Can you help a girl out ?! 😊

    1. Hi Jillian- we have painted our cabinets agreeable Gray, what lighter color should we pick for our walls? We want light and airy feel with hint of gray but something that goes well with agreeable Gray cabinets. Appreciate any advice you can provide. Any thoughts on keeping wall color same as cabinets?

  104. What is the flooring in the photo with the framed tea towel?

  105. Seeking best blue gray options for northeast low light facing guest room with creamy trim. (Not super white). Shadows are everywhere. I tend to lean more green but wanting a change to blue but NOT baby blue. Planning on a ‘wheat’ fabric headboard and white light bedding. Looking for calming, serene guest feel.
    Your thoughts would be most appreciative.

  106. Hi there!
    Looking at Gossimer Veil for walls. Could I use Drift of Mist then for the ceilings? I have textured ceilings and think white paint will make me think of popcorn ceilings and draw attention to them. I currently have ceilings and walls painted the same in Kilm beige and we don’t notice the texturing as much. New build btw. Thanks in advance!

  107. Hi,
    I have a new house with alabaster trim. I would like to use (hopefully caged lantern brass chandeliers and pendants. We have 9 feet ceilings on 1st floor, nutmeg wood floors, and alabaster cabinets with pretty swirly quartz countertops. What’s a good neutral Grey – to make house feel homey and open and airy feeling that’s a light Grey or griege.

  108. What color would go nice with light Grey tile flooring? I tried Agreeable Grey and it was too Grey. Just built a house in Florida and all the floors are ceramic light Grey with a small amount of brown. I would rely appreciate any advice.

  109. I am really interested in knowing the color you have for main photo of this article?
    *picture of two chairs, grey sofa, fireplace, square coffee table.

    Thank you!

  110. Hi! I am so bad with colors…I love the look of the main photo at the top of this article, because I have a gray couch, espresso colored furniture and a very very light colored carpet. What is that paint color behind the sofa? (It is the photo has two chairs, gray sofa, fireplace and square coffee table)

  111. Can you compare Revere Pewter with Pashmina. It looks like Pashmina is a bit darker but not sure which is more beige or grey. Would they work in adjoining rooms.

  112. Love your posting! I just bought white dove for my northern facing living room, and debating whether to paint classic gray or agreeable gray for bedroom (west-north facing room). But now I’m inspired by how beautiful Gossamer Veil color is and considering it for the bedroom.. I see alot of newly constructed houses being painted with those greenage colors nowadays. Any recommendation on what color would suit for my bedroom? I have a charcol bed frame and for floor I have very light white laminate with either red pinkish undertone or blue ish undertone to install currently. Apologize for my terrible english and greatly appreciate for your thoughts!

  113. Hi Jillian,
    I am in desperate need of your advice. I would like to paint the walls in my living room and kitchen. I have burgundy carpet in the living room. Is there a gray paint that would compliment/coordinate these rooms? The kitchen is open to the living room with dark cabinets and I would like to lighten things up a bit in both rooms. I truly appreciate your time.
    Thank you so much. I am terrible with decor.

  114. Hello,
    Could you suggest a gray wall paint and trim for a living room with burgundy carpet? Also, the living room is open to the kitchen which has dark cabinets. Suggestions for a paint color for the kitchen? I appreciate your advice. I am terrible with decor. Thanks again!

  115. Love your blog!
    I have a Living-room North facing home With a Dining room South facing. I used Repose Gray, but the blue undertones dominated the gray affect. I am still looking for a true gray without the undertones. I don’t like the Greige colors. Not into beige. Suggestions please.

  116. I was searching for paints and found your blog but I lost the page I was reading and I cn’t go back to it. I found your blog again but there is no search button here to make it easy for me to find the topic I was looking for. I had to scroll down each of your post but failed to find it.

  117. I just picked Morning Fog for all my walls with white trim and white plantation shutters, I’m hoping that all goes well and I’m happy with my choice.

  118. Jillian how do you like the color by sherwin williams -crushed ice for bedrooms and bathrooms ?

    1. I haven’t used that color before. I think the main thing is to make sure it isn’t too clear (it should have some gray in it) and not too much of a baby blue.

  119. Hey there Jillian!

    Just came across this post on Pinterest and found it extremely helpful! We will be moving into a house that’s painted like a light pale blue and has a dark stone fireplace that I’d like to paint grey. I’d like a warmer grey to balance out the coolness of the paint color. Of the colors you mentioned, are there any that you would suggest searching or giving a try?


  120. Hi Jillian,
    I am in desperate need of your advice. I would like to paint the walls in my living room and kitchen.
    Thank you so much. I am terrible with decor.

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