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What I’ve Read, Watched, and Loved So Far in 2024

In 2023, I started a habit of tracking everything I read and watched in a note on my phone. I enjoyed revisiting so much, that I continued the habit for 2024 and upgraded my list to a table in Notion. I keep track of books, movies, TV shows, and articles – who recommended them to me, how I’d rate them, the genre, and anything I particularly wanted to remember. In no particular order, here’s what I’ve been watching, reading and listening to so far this year.

I’m not a huge movie watcher, mostly because I prefer series, but I felt compelled to watch Past Lives. I can’t say if it was Oscar worthy or not because I didn’t see any of the other nominees, but I thought the film was beautifully done. It’s the sort of poignant movie I tend to think about and revisit. I loved the Korean concept of relationships evolving through past lives, which is maybe more forgiving and open than a typical definition. Last year I read Journey of Souls which is a very intense deep-dive into the realm of past lives, so I appreciated the contrast and lightness of the reference here.

As for series, I’ve gone through quite a few this year. I watched One Day like everyone else because I had read the book 15 years ago when it first came out and loved it. I won’t say too much because I don’t want to give it away in the off chance you haven’t seen it. But, I did think the acting, particularly towards the end, was incredibly well done. Looking forward to seeing more of both actors in the future.

On our flight back from Mexico, I burned through more than half of A Small Light on Disney+, which I randomly saw in someone’s Instagram stories. I was obsessed with Anne Frank in elementary school and maybe even credit her for starting the journaling habit I’ve nurtured for the last 35 years. I thought this mini series about Miep Gies and her husband was fantastic. The Franks’ story is so well known, but I knew next to nothing about what a true hero Miep was not to mention her husband. If you love WWII Resistance stories, this show is a must watch.

Along those same veins, Transatlantic was another favorite of mine this past winter. I also really enjoyed Catch-22 on Hulu. Catch-22 was a favorite book of mine in college, and I read it multiple times. I don’t often enjoy the screen adaptations of books I’ve loved (Lessons in Chemistry for one), but this was definitely an exception. The casting was excellent.

As for reading, I’ve stayed really light on the non-fiction so far this year, with Adam Grant’s latest book Hidden Potential. I didn’t like it quite as much as Think Again, but I did find it really valuable especially as I think about hiring for our business this year.

On the fiction side, I’ve been burning through books at night before bed because it helps me to calm down after a long day of staring at screens. I’ve read more of a variety this year than usual. I actually finished the first Outlander book on my third try as my first book of the year. And I know this is a very unpopular opinion, but I found it incredibly dull. Do they get better? I don’t think I can bring myself to invest that kind of time in another one.

One of my favorites so far was The Paper Palace by Miranda Cowley Heller, which was published in 2021. I grabbed it as a paperback to read on the beach and finished it in a day and a half. I’ve mentioned it before, but I always love books where houses are integral to the storyline. Looking back it’s interesting that I read this book a couple days before watching Past Lives. The themes are similar with very different endings.

I’m currently reading my third Lisa Jewell novel of the year after finishing The House We Grew Up In (another house book, of course) and The Truth About Melody Browne, which was recommended and sent to me by an old friend. Rediscovering Lisa Jewell twenty years after reading Ralph’s Party in my early 20s has been one of my reading guilty pleasures over the last year. I’m working my way through all of her books, and I’ll definitely be sad when I’m finished.

The Reformatory, which I picked up at Reading in Public on a work break, was the most disturbing and thrilling book I’ve read so far this year. Definitely difficult to read, I also couldn’t put it down and stayed up really late several nights in a row because I had to know what happened next.

As far as listening goes, I’ve been an extremely lazy music listener, sticking mostly to my Spotify Daylists. But also currently enjoying Leon Bridges, Lake Street Dive, and Noah Kahan duets. And, loved this article on Krhuangbin. And, I’ve never been a huge Mel Robbins fan, but I’ve enjoyed several of her shows lately including this one.

Keeping a log of most of what I consume has been such an interesting exercise. Too often time just slips away, and it’s hard to remember exactly what I was reading or watching at a certain time in my life. I like scanning back over the list and remembering what was going on or how I was feeling when I was watching a series or reading a book. Do you track what you read or watch? Any recommendations for the next few months as we head into summer?

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