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Wilco at the Adler Theater


As part of our Fourth of July celebration, Keegan and I drove out to Davenport, Iowa, on Tuesday to see Wilco play at the Adler Theater downtown. The band and setlist were phenomenal, as always, but for me, the set design really stole the show. During the opening act, we were a little perplexed by a large array of what appeared to be knotted, white bed sheets hanging from the ceiling at varying lengths.  When Wilco took the stage, the lights illuminated the sheets in a rainbow of colors creating this amazing wonderland effect.


The interiors of the sheets would intermittently light up as well, creating the illusion of large sea flowers glowing underwater. It reminded me of a Disney movie…a cross between Alice in Wonderland and the scene in Sleeping Beauty when the fairy godmothers get into a fight with their magic wands. It was really amazing, and I’m thinking about using it as inspiration for my studio project this Fall.


Definitely one of the most creative concert sets I’ve ever seen! 

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